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We were very happy with the whole experience and the outcome for our guest house ADU. Luca and Ryan were very nice to work with, the process was faster than would be with other companies, and we got exactly what we wanted. We have already referred them to several

We are super happy with the product and the process. Crane day went as smoothly as you promised. We are glad that we went in this direction. We are excited to pursue other projects going forward. Eric - Eco Logic Design Build, Moab

Proteus Homes did a suburb custom ADU in a spot I didn’t think possible. The end result was a top-of-the-line luxury 1 bedroom townhome! Excellent craftsmanship and workmanship and quality dependable gentlemen at Proteus Homes! Thank you for a fine home!

As a real estate agent, keeping up with the latest ADU regulations can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Proteus has been an invaluable resource for myself and my clients.

Their expertise and knowledge have helped me answer quick questions and provide my clients with the information they need to make informed decisions. Plus, their hands-on approach means they're always willing to come and view potential properties with us when we're considering adding an ADU. They are top in their field thanks to their exceptional craftsmanship and innovative building systems. When it comes to ADUs, they truly are the best.

Proteus Homes is a rare business grounded on constant reflection of beautiful design and delivering a high- end, quality product that clearly shows their pride of craftsmanship! When you speak with the owners you will QUICKLY be impressed with not only their incredible depth of knowledge in home building, but their real and personal commitment to building homes for families that will last generations. When you hire most home builders you will get a “cookie cutter” team: a designer who doesn’t build and a builder that doesn’t design. This also then means, you pay more to get partial experts instead of a solid team who do the designing AND building. With Proteus Homes you get a dream team, a rare dream team that is truly focused on building you a beautiful ADU that you and your family will love, to be warm and safe and without a fear that would normally go along with a designer that doesn’t build…and a builder that doesn’t design! Proteus Homes are the experts in both designing AND building a superior product!

We loved working with Luca and Ryan. They are personable professional and the products they used to build our house were the best. All their subs were extremely friendly knowledgeable and very easy to work with. I have to admit because of Covid and because of the economy there were delays but finally my house is done and I’m so happy to be living in it. Any issues that have come up, (and they do come up when you build a new house) , they have been quick to take care of for me. The project manager And I created a punchlist and worked together to get things done.. this was certainly an experience and the first time we have ever been involved in building a home on a piece of property that for a long time was just dirt. If anyone would ask me I would say I would definitely recommend Proteus. They can always be reached and they’re always willing to work with you to get things done. So happy to be in my new home.

The professionals at Proteus Homes are amazing. Very knowledgeable, very responsive to my questions, very helpful in explaining the permitting and inspection process. I was worried I would get stuck with a cookie cutter ADU that did not fit my needs, but Proteus worked with me to help me fully customize my home and ensure all my needs were met.
5 out of 5 stars!

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