ADU 101

Frequently Asked Questions

What & Where can I build my ADU?

What is an ADU

ADU stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit - Also known as a guest house or granny flat. They can be used in a variety of ways, most commonly, to generate rental income, for multigenerational living or, to gain square footage for friends and family. Basically any residential use.

Will an ADU fit in my backyard?

In most cases, Yes! If you could fit a standard garage in your backyard then definitely. We can also customize any floor plan you like, or build on top of your existing garage. There are many creative ways to take advantage of adding additional space.


What does my guest house-ADU home pricing not include?

Excluded from our pricing are the fees associated with local permitting, and any associated hardscape/softscape landscaping.

How much will it cost to build a stand alone ADU?

There are many factors that go into the cost of your ADU, like the floor plan you choose, to the specific permitting cost in your area. However, our standard floor plans starting with a studio up to a three bedroom approximately range from $160,000 to $420,00. Click here see our floorplan page

What does my guest home-ADU pricing include?

Our home pricing includes the design and engineering of your ADU, responding to city corrections during the permitting process, preparing your site for the ADU including the foundation to support your ADU, off-site fabrication of the ADU structure, the transportation and on-site assembly of the ADU structural shell, our finish package including standard interior and exterior finishes, appliances, plumbing and electrical fixtures. Excluded from our pricing are the fees associated with local permitting, and any associated hardscape/softscape landscaping.

Process & Timeline

How long does the Proteus process take?

Approximately 6 months from start to finish. Our process contains five steps: site feasibility, design and permitting, off site fabrication and site prep, crane day, and the finish package. Then it's time to move in and enjoy your new investment! It takes ⅓ less time then traditional on site construction.

What is your experience/expertise in home building?

We have 30 years of combined experience in building homes throughout the Southwest United States, and extensive history with both custom home construction and off-site fabrication. After sucessfully completing multiple ADU projects with our building system, we have proven to be a better experience from start to finish.

Why is Proteus Homes different?

We have optimized off-site fabrication to deliver a stress free building experience. Our turn-key process allows us to erect your structure in a single day, be fully inspected in one week, and have you move-in-ready in under two months. We can build your custom panels in parallel with prepping your job site, drastically cutting down the project time. We deliver everything from your wall panels to your flooring and tile right to your backyard! Then watch our crane assemble your ADU in just one day!