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Proteus Process

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Step One - Site feasibility. We will bring expert contractors to discuss your specific site for ADU size, location options, setbacks, proper drainage, and any other items related to installing an ADU. 

Step Two -  Design & Permitting. Now the fun begins! Our designers will assist you in making a manageable number of decisions that will be used to customize and personalize your ADU. Local permitting time can vary substantially from project to project and site to site. We will work diligently during this phase to expedite your project as much as possible.

Step Three - Off Site Fabrication & Site Preparation. In parallel, we will be building your structure off site at our Vista California factory and getting your site prepped and ready to accept your new ADU in the coming weeks.

Step Four - Crane Day. Our favorite part of the project. We deliver everything from your wall panels to your flooring and tile right to your backyard! Then watch our team assemble your ADU in just one day! In a matter of weeks the job site will go from an empty foundation to a completed structure. 

Step Five - Finish Package. Your ADU’s personality will start to present itself as we apply the finishes and fixtures you have specified.

Step Six - Move-in. Time for you to enjoy your new investment.

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